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Remember, when receiving the International driver's license (IDL) you are not passing any tests (exams) and you are not checking on criminality, so the IDL is only legal word-for-word translation of your national driver's license and is absolutely illegal without your original national driver's license.


Can a person with a revoked or suspended license drive with an International Driver's License?
No, You must hold a valid Original Driver's License to drive abroad with an International Driver's License.

Must I present a passport to apply for an International Driver's License?
The International Driver's License doesn't give the permission to drive legally in the U.S. and any other country without a state-issued Driver's License, a state-issued identification card, valid immigration documents, or a passport.

Can I drive with an International Driver's License only?
No, you must also carry the state-issued driver license.

What is an International Driver's License, an International Driving Permit, or an International Driver Document?
Basically, it's a translation of a state-issued driver document drawn or written in accordance to the international standard.

Is there a test involved to obtain an International Driver's License?
No. Your state-issued Driver License from your home state or country confirms your ability and your right to drive abroad. However, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road when driving abroad and conform strictly to the local laws and regulations.

Is it possible to receive your service in Asia or Africa?
You can apply for IDL from any country of the world. We are successfully working through mail with our international partners and customers.

I am not in my home country now, what address should I put on the application form?
You should put same address that appears on your original drivers license.

I lost my original drivers license, may I apply for International Drivers Document and drive with it?
International Drivers Document is a document that confirms that you have a valid drivers license in your country. If you lost your original license IDL has nothing to confirm so you should not apply for IDL. The answer is NO, you may not apply and drive with IDL without your original drivers license.

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