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Remember, when receiving the International driver's license (IDL) you are not passing any tests (exams) and you are not checking on criminality, so the IDL is only legal word-for-word translation of your national driver's license and is absolutely illegal without your original national driver's license.


Міжнародне посвідчення водія
International Automobile Alliance (IAA), New York (USA), provides an opportunity to travel around the world. International Drivers License by the IAA does not only confirm the existence of your original driving license issued by the country of your residence, but includes all the original information from your national driving license translated to 8 languages, and, as well, is entitled you to rent and drive a car (motor vehicles) in 185 countries.

A legitimacy (validity) of the International driver's license is based on the International Conventions (issued in 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968) of Traffic and Security, that ratified the standards for the International driver's license.

The type and style of an International Driving License are easily understood. Besides the main membership books of International Automobile Alliance, it will be issued a plastic card of IAA member. The samples of books and cards you may view at the page "Examples of International Driving License". Both, a membership book and a plastic card have several levels of protection, including holograms and water-marks. The International Automobile Association will assist everyone all over the world, regardless of a nationality, in getting an International driver's license.

Посвічення водія міжнародного зразкуAn International driver's license allows you to rent and use motor vehicles in 185 countries. In September 19, 1949, the United Nations (UN) adopted the International driver's license in order to provide for people of different nations and nationalities an opportunity to use the motor vehicles in other countries without any problems with the police bureaucracy.

2. No needs to take any driving tests or pass theoretical exams for a knowledge of the traffic rules in different countries, since an IDL is a official translation of your original driver's license to 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese)

3. Traveling in another country, you, in a case of proceedings with a police of this country, have to give both the International driver's license by IAA and your original national driving license. In this case you will not care about the language in witch your original driver's license published, because policemen will scan all required information from your IDL, comparing your facial features with both, a photo provided in your original driver's license and a photo on the international driving license.

4. Traveling in another country without the IDL you may deal with the fact that some countries do not accept a foreign (national) driving license for renting a car (or other motor vehicles). But the International Driving license holders have a free access to all rental companies in these countries.

5. The International driver's license will be valid until the noted date of expiry, but only if your national driving license is also valid utill this period.

All IDL issued by our company or companies in our certified representatives in any country in the world, registered on the website, allowing you to check whether or not the document is issued by our company or one of our representatives.   Information about registration will be available until until issued IDL really.

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