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Checking the current status of your order

Input your first and last name

Remember, when receiving the International driver's license (IDL) you are not passing any tests (exams) and you are not checking on criminality, so the IDL is only legal word-for-word translation of your national driver's license and is absolutely illegal without your original national driver's license.


To ordering International driver's license IAA through the site you must:

  • fill out a form on-line on the site;
  • send e-mail the scanned photo, signature and a copy of the national driver's license from two sides;
  • pay order ( 100% prepayment).

Produced after sending copies of required documents and confirmation of its receipt. Photos and national DL must first shoot digital camera or scan in color, signature - in black and white, save and send to e -mail separate files (one file - photos, the other - the signature, the third - a copy of the national rights).

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