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Checking the current status of your order

Input your first and last name

Remember, when receiving the International driver's license (IDL) you are not passing any tests (exams) and you are not checking on criminality, so the IDL is only legal word-for-word translation of your national driver's license and is absolutely illegal without your original national driver's license.


All IDLs are produced and registered by International Automobile Alliance in New York, USA.

Delivery in order after the payment
- Express delivery in Ukraine ( "Nova Poshta" ) - 4 -6 business days
- Express delivery DHL (worldwide) - 2 to 4 business days
- U.S. Shipping : USPS Certified Mail - 2-4 business days, USPS Express Mail - the next day

IDLs are issued for up to 20 years ( book + card IAA), but not more than the terms of validity of the national driving license.

Price for IDL:

IDL IAA (8 languages) - $65

Shipping fee:

Delivery by "Nova Poshta " (Ukraine) - $0
Delivery by Regular Mail (USA) - $1
Delivery by International Regular Mail (EU countries and Canada) - $5
Delivery by USPS Priority Mail (USA) - $7
Delivery by USPS Express Mail (USA) - $25
Delivery by DHL (worldwide) - $50

DHL, USPS and "Nova Poshta" have a tracking number. If your postage will be lost, we will reissue them for free

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